Aeration System Installation

Meet Our Customer: Gerard Kvols

Meet Gerard Kvols, who is based in Laurel, Nebraska in USA. He grew up on his home farm, working alongside his father. Changing from a row crop operation to farming solely cattle, the Kvols recently built a new cattle shed. In this new build, they had EASYFIX Slurry Technology aeration system and Slat Rubber installed in an effort to be more productive with their outputs!

Cow comfort is an important element in maintaining the overall health and well-being of an animal, as a result, improving their performance levels. Often, it is the main priority in new shed building plans. Based on recommendations from within the industry, they purchased EASYFIX Slat Rubber to increase levels of cow comfort in their farm. ‘The simplicity of installation’ made the decision-making process seamless for Gerard Kvols.

Along with installing Slat Mats, the Kvols family had the EASYFIX Slurry Technology, aeration system installed. This is one of the latest additions to the EASYFIX range of products. The aeration system spreads compressed air throughout the pit increasing oxygen levels, ensuring it is constantly in a liquid state. The slurry is ready to be spread 365 days a year, creating a safer environment for the farmer and the animal.

EASYFIX Slurry Technology Aeration System

Aeration System proving beneficial!

Gerard Kvols spoke of the variety of benefits attached to installing the aeration system. Throughout the video “It maintains your nitrogen; ammonia values and keeps the odour down as well!” Mentions Gerard. Aeration systems help in reducing the carbon footprint emitted. EASYFIX Slurry Technology has been proven to reduce ammonia emissions by 51% as there is less anaerobic breakdown occurring.

With the cost of fertilizer increasing, farmers must look at increasing the value of nutrients received from natural fertilizers. They’ve had a reduction in the amount of artificial fertilizer required on their land. The consistency of the slurry means it is constantly available to be spread! The need for agitation was eliminated! It has allowed the Kvols’ to grab slurry samples and test nitrogen levels at any time. They now have the ability to spread their slurry when nutrient levels are at a maximum. Due to an increase in oxygen pumped throughout the pit, there is no crusting or flies residing in the pit at any stage.

Check out our latest YouTube video below to take a look at this new build. Throughout the video, see the Slurry Technology at work, imputing oxygen, breaking down the slurry and keeping it in constant flow.

Aeration System Installation, Kvols Farm, Nebraska USA

Installation Process

As a new build, the installation of the Slurry Technology was straightforward for this farmer. After laying the slats, they ran the pipework along the tank to connect the aeration system to an electricity source. The Kvols have their aeration system set to operate at night time, running for 8 hours each night. There are no disruptions to the surrounding areas from the system due to the minimalist sound from the compressors when active. The system’s running times vary based on many factors such as, the tank size.

EASYFIX Slurry Technology System

One major bonus was the ease of cleaning the pit out, as there was no need to lift slats or move the cows. One section at the end of the building allows them to have one ‘pump out’. This has proven to be of one of the most valued benefits according to Gerard Kvol.

“I would definitely tell someone to consider the EASYFIX Aeration System!” “We’ve had very good luck with it, and it sure is a lot simpler!” says Gerard Kvol.

Aeration Systems are the future in slurry management. By removing the risk associated with agitation, it makes it a safer and simpler process for the farmer! Simplicity is the key to a successful farming enterprise.

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