Farmers No. 1 choice for over 20 years

EASYFIX Slat Rubber is an award winning product designed to improve the comfort, welfare and performance of animals housed on concrete slats.

EASYFIX Slat Rubber – Farmers No.1 Choice

EASYFIX SR Slat Rubber has been Farmers No. 1 choice for over 20 years.

The new reinforced design has a high grip profile and 8 year warranty.

When rubber flooring is installed on concrete slats it creates an insulated cushioned surface, helping to increases standing times at the feed face.

Why is this important?

Increased standing time at the feed face results in higher feed intake and increased average daily weight gains.

What are the benefits of EASYFIX Slat Rubber

  • New reinforced design with a high grip profile.
  • Reduces lameness.
  • Improves productivity – Increased average daily weight gains for cattle.
  • Better feed conversion.
  • 8 year warranty

New smooth option now available

Our new SDR Slat Rubber has a smooth and sloped profile to facilitate faster run off.

It’s softer for increased animal comfort and welfare.

The smooth and soft rubber flooring, provides a comfortable and confident walking surface for dairy cows and beef cattle.

It is suitable for installation in walkways, passageways and slatted housing.

What’s different about the NEW SDR Slat Rubber?

  • The smooth & sloped profile facilitates faster run off.
  • It’s softer for increased animal comfort and welfare.
  • Better feed conversion & increased productivity – higher daily milk yields and ADG.
  • Housing beef cattle and dairy cows on rubber flooring leads to a significant reduction in lameness.

EASYFIX launches new Slat Rubber products at the NPC 2017.

EASYFIX is launching a new range of slat rubber products at this year’s National Ploughing Championships. Our beef and dairy housing experts will be available, to discuss the most suitable option for your farm enterprise during.

Visit us at the NPC in Tullamore

If you have any questions on our Solutions for Dairy or Beef Solutions stop by our stand and talk to a member of our team.

Visit us at the National Ploughing Championships from the 19th – 21st September 2017.

We’ll be located in Block 1, Row 12, Stand 270.