Delivering 2,350 veal calves a year on EASYFIX Slat Rubber

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    Elbert Wijnne
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We recently visited Elbert Wijnne who is the Farm Manager on a veal calves farm in Beekzicht, located in Barneveld, Holland.  Elbert talked us through his daily operations on the farm and the advantages of installing EASYFIX slat rubber.

The farm has 1,350 white veal calves in 2 different age groups. The calves are kept on the farm for about 29 weeks and they deliver around 2,350 calves each year. The company was established in 2013, and at that time they installed EASYFIX veal flooring.

What is the main advantage of installing Easyfix Veal Slat Rubber for veal calves?

The big advantage of EASYFIX rubber on the floor is that the calves have a better foothold, especially new-born calves. Elbert mentioned that if a calf is weak, it is much easier for it to stand up on the EASYFIX flooring.
In addition, the floors are soft, and therefore great for the animals’ well-being.  Elbert also observed that since installing the rubber he had seen fewer claw and hoof problems.

EASYFIX Veal Slat Rubber – VR110/VR 130

This particular farm based in Holland has the EASYFIX Veal Slat Rubber – VR 110/ VR 130 installed. The EASYFIX Veal Slat Rubber comes with a wide array of benefits which include an increase in calf comfort, welfare & performance. It leads to a reduction in lameness and swollen carpal joints in the calves. The sloped profile of the rubber encourages faster drainage which creates a dry lying surface inevitably leading to cleaner calves. All EASYFIX Veal Slat Rubber comes with a 5 year warranty.

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