EASYFIX Rose Veal Flooring

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    Martijn & Judith Voor De Poorte
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We recently visited Martijn & Judith Voor de Poorte who run a veal calf company in Wijk en Aalburg, Noord-Brabant, Holland. They have 400 veal calves for rearing and 400 fattening calves, delivering 1,200 calves annually and recently installed EASYFIX Rosé Veal Flooring.

EASYFIX Veal Slat Rubber is the obvious choice for Rose Veal Flooring

At the start of 2018, they installed EASYFIX veal slat rubber in the new barn built by G. van Beek & Co. They invested in EASYFIX rubber for the comfort of the veal calves and to be ready for the future. They are already seeing positive results: The calves are very clean, and the rubber is very clean. The calves enjoy walking on the rubber flooring and are very calm. Leg problems have reduced because they walk more slowly and it is easy for them to move around the pen.

EASYFIX VR 110/VR 130 was designed in-house; it is a two strip rubber flooring covering for both concrete & wooden slats. The rubber covering is attached with our patented rubber wedge system. It features the ‘Gold Standard Soft Top’ and was developed specifically for the white and rosé veal industry.

The development of this product has been a major breakthrough, resulting in cleaner calves, improved levels of comfort and increased performance for veal calves which inevitably gives farmers greater results.

EASYFIX has over 20 years’ experience designing slat rubber products for beef and dairy animals weighing up to 1800 lbs/ 800kgs. The sloped surface of the specially designed veal slat rubber ensures the fast removal of waste material ensuring calves have a dry and clean surface to lie on. Air chambers on the underside create an insulating barrier, which improves the overall comfort of calves.

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Martjn & Judith installed EASYFIX veal slat rubber – VR 110/VR 130 on the concrete slats in their new barn in 2018. If you would like additional information on our welfare friendly stable floor for calves please contact us.