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Everything we do at EASYFIX revolves around enhancing Livestock Comfort, which is why we design, manufacture & develop the most comfortable & innovative animal housing solutions available on the market worldwide.


    We are continuously innovating and improving to make a significant difference to Livestock Comfort worldwide and to ensure farmers have a sustainable and profitable future.

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    Our products have been awarded for Innovation, Comfort & Performance. Our aim is to provide you with the best-performing products on the market to ensure optimum comfort & welfare for your livestock. 


    We can provide a FREE design service for your Farm Buildings. Our expert team will arrange an on-farm visit to discuss your plan &  provide you with a technical design and advisory service.

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    We have a growing network of over 100 dealers around the World. Use our dealer locator and let a local dealer advise you today on the best EASYFIX solution suitable for you and your farm.

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    • It’s as close to dirt and grass that we can offer the cattle.
      Definitely a need to put rubber on slatted facilities. We made the right decision with EASYFIX.

      Grant Binford, Beef Farmer, Minnesota, USA
    • I have no regrets about putting in EASYFIX mattresses and free stalls. If we were to consider another barn in the future, it will definitely be considered again.
      The cows using the EASYFIX stalls makes me a believer in them.

      Tim Kerfeld, Minnesota, USA
    • The cows just get up with ease and I just know they’re not getting hurt when they’re getting up and that the thing I was really excited about with the EASYFIX stalls – the flexibility and the comfort. If you take care of the cows, the cows will take care of you!

      Karl Funk, Central Minnesota, USA


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